Masons Solicitors can help you with Wills

At Masons you will be provided with advice and assistance every step of the way. We understand making a Will can be a daunting process. We will guide you, so that your assets are divided as you want them to be with expert advice.

Why you should consider making a will

  • Control – without a Will, you will have no control over who will inherit your estate on your death. Intestate succession laws will determine who will inherit your estate when you die without a Will.


  • Conflict – A Will can reduce family conflict as a Will allows your wishes on death to be expressed clearly.


  • Choice – Not only does a Will allow you to choose who inherits and who does not inherit your estate but it also allows you to choose who you would like to appoint as your Executor and Trustee.


  • Beneficiaries – You can decide who you want to benefit from your estate such as including those who are outside of your family such as friends and/or charities.


  • Guardianship – if you have children under 18 years old, you may wish to appoint legal Guardians to look after your young children and discuss how Guardianship will work and how their  inheritance will be taken care of.


  • Trusts – Trusts can be put in place as part of your Will, on your death. Trusts may be used to ensure the inheritance is protected whilst taking care of other family members. Trusts are also used to minimise Inheritance Tax liability.

Why choose Masons?

  • We offer a personal and professional service, offering guidance and advice throughout the process.


  • Wills must meet certain legal requirements, and our experienced team can ensure these requirements are met.


  • It can be complicated making Wills, it is important to use an experienced Solicitor to ensure there is no confusion in the whole process and advice is taken early on, whilst you are able to.

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